Alien 1 is one of the best horror movies of all time. Alien 2 was action/horror, but still has a lot of scary moments. 3 is back to horror, and really isn't that bad of a movie, and is certainly *much* better than movies like Jaws 3, Children of the Corn 3, etc. Personally, I'd remove V/H/S and replace it with Aliens.… » 10/23/14 3:57pm Yesterday 3:57pm

There's been like 10 cases of in-person voter fraud in the past 10+ years (the only type of fraud photo ID might fight). Meanwhile, requiring photo ID might prevent millions of people from voting, as they lack transportation to get to City Hall, or the DMV, or money to pay fees or fines. » 10/22/14 3:55pm Yesterday 3:55pm

I've been curious about the names in JoJo. Some seem based on bands. Dio - Dio, Speedwagon - REO Speedwagon. Are there others? Maybe this is common knowledge, but I just finished up the anime recently. Nevermind, I found the whole list here. Pretty funny. » 10/22/14 9:29am Wednesday 9:29am

I've seen the Reefer Madness. Lil' slip of a girl, probably weighed 98 lbs dressed in her warmest winter clothes. Took 25 cops to bring her down, all dog piled on top of her. Even with all of those officers weighing upon her like the world on her shoulders, she still inched forward towards the Doritos. » 10/22/14 9:22am Wednesday 9:22am

I think it's all related to social media and the internet. Back in 1930, if they were offended, what were they going to do, stand on a soap box in the town square? Now they can say "We don't like this", and a few billion people can notice and say "Hmm, yeah, that is kinda sucky, I never thought about it that way." » 10/21/14 2:18pm Tuesday 2:18pm

Yet, when pressed for details on why these laws exist in the first place, every politician merely shrugs, or rambles off some nonsensical bs about it's "better for the consumer." We all know it's about lobbyists paying money to politicians to protect an outdated business model and jobs in the face of newer… » 10/21/14 2:12pm Tuesday 2:12pm